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Author Consultation Case Study

Author consultation services

As a book publisher, our role often extends beyond the mere publication of manuscripts. It involves nurturing raw talent, providing guidance, and sometimes, even being a source of inspiration for authors. We recently had the privilege of working closely with an author who was struggling to finish his book. He came to us with an amazing idea and a few written chapters, which showed great promise. This author had real talent but lacked the necessary tools to see a book from concept to completion. Through several author consultation sessions, we embarked on a journey to turn his idea into an actual novel.

The author, let's call him John, was in a state of frustration when he reached out to us for help. He had a brilliant idea for a novel but found himself constantly hitting roadblocks, which a lot of times are self-imposed. Putting your work out there for others to judge can be panic inducing for some. John’s initial enthusiasm had waned after writing the first few chapters of his novel, and self-doubt had taken root, which made him stop writing all together. During our first consultation, we listened carefully to his concerns, trying to understand the root causes of his struggles.

It became evident that John’s insecurity was partly due to a lack of structure in his writing routine. He was trying to tackle his novel in sporadic bursts of inspiration, giving him too much time to over think things, leading to inconsistency and eventually writer's block. We suggested that we start of by setting achievable writing goals and creating a schedule that fit into his life. We agreed to meet monthly to discuss his progress.

In our second session, we delved deeper into the novel's plot, characters, and themes. We outlined a clear roadmap for John’s book, breaking it down into manageable chapters. It can be overwhelming to think of a novel as a whole, but by looking at it through a narrower lens it can make things feel much less intimidating. This exercise not only helped John regain a sense of direction but also reignited his passion for the project. He was now armed with a plan and a renewed sense of purpose, allowing him to write with more confidence and, most importantly, consistency.

One of the most common obstacles authors face is writer's block, and John was no exception. During our third session, we discussed strategies to overcome this creativity slump, like freewriting, where he would simply write without worrying about perfection, and the Pomodoro Technique to manage his writing time more effectively. As John began to implement the use of these methods, he found himself making steady progress. His writer's block became less of an issue, and little by little the manuscript began to take shape. We provided feedback on his work along the way, offering constructive criticism that motivated John to not only keep writing, but to improve.

With a substantial portion of his novel written, John was ready for the next phase: revision. During our fourth session we discussed the importance of editing and refining his work to make it shine. We recommended that he take a break from writing in order to gain a fresh perspective before diving into the revision process. John diligently revised his manuscript, seeking feedback not only from us but also from trusted beta readers. He embraced the value of constructive criticism, which had been a paralyzing force in his writing for such a long time, and used it to help him improve his story.

As John entered the final stretch of his novel, he faced a new set of challenges—tying up loose ends, ensuring consistency, and crafting a satisfying ending. During our fifth session, we focused on these aspects. We brainstormed ideas, discussed potential plot twists, and refined his characters' arcs. John’s determination had brought him to the brink of completion, transforming himself from a frustrated writer into a confident author who was ready to share her story with the world.

On our final consultation session we discussed John’s options for publication and marketing, and we offered guidance on the next steps of his journey. Working with John was a testament to the power of collaboration and perseverance. It showed us that as book publishers, our role is not just about getting books into the market; it's about helping authors realize their potential and achieve their dreams. It was a fulfilling experience that reinforced our belief in the transformative power of writing. Through structured consultations, goal setting, and unwavering support, we turned frustration into inspiration, and a dream into a reality.

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