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Sungrazer Publishing acquires adult fantasy novel, Born Into the Night, from debut author, Emily Bisbach.


Perfect for fans of Deborah Harkness, Born Into the Night is a gripping fantasy story that seamlessly weaves familial mystery with cosmic destiny in a battle against a formidable force.




Only one thing could convince academic Evie to visit a strange sister world where humans control threads of energy with an inherent sixth sense: the hope of finding out what happened to the mother she never knew. But what begins as a leap of faith to uncover her mother’s fate turns into a leap of faith to fulfill her own as Evie learns to harness a power within herself to destroy the source of all evil.

EMILY BISBACH is a history major turned tour guide, turned project manager at a tech company with a million worlds in her head. Originally from a small Wisconsin town, she's searched for her own fate in Minneapolis, Milan, Edinburgh, Melbourne, and Chicago. She currently lives in Houston with her partner and their Husky-Akita-Shepherd rescue, Matza.


Emily can be found at


Born Into the Night is slated for release December 3, 2024.


Sungrazer Publishing is distributed by Two Rivers, an Ingram Content Group brand.

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