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Sungrazer Publishing acquires middle-grade novel, Aki and the Spheres of Time, from Italian novelist Gianni Perticaroli

Aki and the Spheres of Time marks the fourth acquisition by Sungrazer, the independent imprint founded by bestselling author, Josephine Angelini.


Perfect for fans of Rick Riordan, Aki and the Spheres of Time is the story of a young boy’s resilience in his fight against unimaginable odds, as he is transported into a world where magic, mystery, and courage all converge in a quest to conquer the secrets that lie inside the realm of the Parallel Crystals.


Summary --


Aki's world is forever altered when he stumbles upon an extraordinary gift—the ability to traverse distant realms, a power bestowed upon him by the mysterious Sphere of Time. Fueled by this newfound talent, Aki embarks on an odyssey that unravels the boundaries between reality and myth, where gods and creatures once dismissed as legends come to life, challenging the very fabric of his existence.

GIANNI PERTICAROLI is the author of the historical fiction novels, La Gualchiera di Fabriano (2013), and its sequels, Il Giudizio di Dio (2014), and L'Urlo del Destino (2016). Aki and the Spheres of Time marks his debut in the middle-grade genre. He currently lives and works just outside of Milan, Italy.


Gianni can be found at


Aki and the Spheres of Time is slated for release August 6, 2024.


Sungrazer Publishing is distributed by Two Rivers, an Ingram Content Group brand.

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